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About Robert Halcomb

Freedom To Golf Whenever & Wherever I Choose!

College Degree & Military Veteran

I have a BS degree in Accounting from Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Served in the Army at of all places Ft. Shafter HI. I got this cool assignment because of my Accounting degree and I was one of few men who knew how to type at that time. I worked for IBM first as an accountant, then transitioned over to mainframe computer programming as a Programmer Analyst.

Corporate America to Entrepreneur

I was able to buy one of the early IBM computers thru payroll deduction. It consisted of a black and white chrome monitor; a desktop computer with two 5 and a quarter inch floppy disks. There was no hard drive, but I loved it. As the years went by I upgraded to a color monitor and a 10K hard drive and now a laptop with 8 GB of storage and 250 GB hard-drive and that’s small compared to most. 

The software also became for more functional and practical. On a side note there was a fire at a small computer company in Austin during those early years and witnesses said they could see the software on fire. I don’t think anyone could be so ignorant today as to think that was possible, but you never know.

I retired from IBM and sold insurance for a few years not realizing what potential really existed with a personal computer and the still young Internet. Do you remember Y2K? All kinds of disasters were feared from airplanes falling out of the sky to computers malfunctioning. All those years prior programs had been written assuming only a 2 digit year would ever be needed. However, that meant when the year reached 2000, then those same programs would think it was 1900 which is never good. I was recruited by the airline industry to modify their software changing the 2 digit year fields to 4 digit year fields and I was paid a lot of money to make those changes.

Unfortunately all my programming skills on those large mainframe computer systems didn’t translate well to the small personal computers and I got left behind. Then at some point during all that I discovered the potential opportunities that existed online with the Internet.

Unfortunately I got infected with a deadly disease. It was the kind that spirals you into debt. It was the Shiney-Object Syndrome disease. I literally bought anything and everything that came my way. Each time I convinced myself this is it, it’s what I’m been waiting for to finally breakthru online and finally reach financial freedom, but then more offers would come the next day and I repeated the cycle over and over getting deeper and deeper in debt. 

Then one day I stumbled upon a free webinar being given by Vick Strizheus. This time all kinds of bells went off as I listened and watched this man speak from his heart what it takes to succeed online in Affiliate Marketing. It was motivational as well as educational and uplifting and I jumped in with both feet and never looked back. I still get tons of offers every day, but I just delete the emails without much thought knowing there’s not a better system out there with the step by step training Vick provides himself in The FourPercent Success Challenge. I’m finally and securely on my way to becoming financially free of all that debt I accumulated over the years and I can only think Vick for setting me free to dream once again.