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Meet Robert Halcomb

Flash is my nickname, golf is my game, HUB Domain Authority is the source of my wealth, my wife, daughters & their husbands, and my grandkids are my passion.

Being in Online Marketing for a few years has provided me with the wisdom to know what programs/offers out there are hogwash and what are legitimate. I once was addicted to the shiny object syndrome falling for just about every offer that came to my inbox. After mountains of debt got bigger and bigger, I finally came across the opportunity that is a fit for me and it no doubt will be for you as well.

I found true step-by-step video training that has turned me completely around from an online marketer wanna-be to real genuine success. HUB Domain Authority is the best and only way to go if you want to achieve real success online without re-inventing the wheel or having to produce your own products, goodness no.

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“Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure." Napoleon Hill

My Mission

My Mission is to build wealth while helping others do the same.

We're a conglomerate of individuals whose mission is to help over 1,000,000 people create their dream business online so they can generate consistent income to live life on their terms.

The 3 Pillars

Now for the 3 pillars everyone needs in order to have a successful online business!


Business Applications

List of applications that will help you succeed in business.


Personal Growth

These are the programs I use

to help grow me as a person.


Financial Freedom

Top-of-the-line training programs for online success..

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“If you take any step, no matter how small it is, towards achieving your dreams then you will surely find the right path and reach the abundance that lies in store for you.”

Sussessful Entrepreneurs

Thousands of people around the world use Four Percent to build their online business, improve their skill sets, grow their company and change their life. We ain’t bragging, but c’mon - Check out these reviews!



Do What You Love

After joining Four Percent, Vlad fell in love with marketing and entrepreneurship. He started from scratch and has built a very successful digital marketing agency helping brands level up and make an impact on their market and the world. He is on a mission to make a radical impact on the marketing industry.



Inspire and Empower

Velvie is passionate about empowering women to become strong, independent, and free. She’s doing so by focusing on building her community and applying what she’s learning at Four Percent to grow a very lucrative business that enables her to live life on her terms while making a difference in the world.



Total Financial Freedom

Aaron “didn’t want to wear a suit every day to build someone else’s dream” and just wanted to create a business that would give him and his family true freedom of time and money. He now has his own dream business online and lives life on his terms. You can too!

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